Via Emilia 9 - Via Emilia 9 Restaurant - Home made Pasta , Tortellini , Piadine , Tigelle and much more

Via Emilia 9
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VIA EMILIA 9 is the first, authentic, Regional Italian restaurant in Miami.
Everything that you eat at VIA EMILIA 9 is imported from Italy with the exception of fruits, vegetables, flour, and eggs.
VIA EMILIA 9 is more than just a restaurant, it's your personal Italian market.
Our "Sfoglina" makes home made pasta every day, and upon request she can personalize the stuffing of your Ravioli or any pasta you'd like to try. Moreover Chef Wendy Cacciatori gives you the possibility to have VIA EMILIA 9 at your own house or event, offering catering and private chef services.
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